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Syncplay 1.3.4

Syncplay can automatically synchronize video playback for two or more users, so that you can enjoy watching a movie together with your friends, regardless of location.

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Syncplay 1.3.4

Syncplay Review:

 Syncplay is a definite sort of software that has been designed in order to keep the media files in sync so that they do not get played in the random mode. So now we will talk a bit about the software so that you can know about all the details. 

 Things You Need To Know:

 For every software, the users need to know about the basic features and that is the reason as to why we will be discussing the same. 
 - It syncs two or more media players in the best possible manner so that there is not even a nanosecond lag in both the media. 
 - Makes sure that there is no manual pressure needed and is able to do the sync process in the automatic manner. This means that virtually you can start the same media from two different players at the same time. 

 This is another important issue for the users. This is because the more lucid the user interface is, the more number of people can make use of the software. 
 - The software has been designed in the simplest manner so that people who are not so technologically advanced can also make proper use of the Syncplay  
 - This means that it is available to all the users for free use as the running and installation process is easy enough. Not only that, it also makes sure that you can go for the direct download process as well. 

 For any software, it is important to know about the operating system of the same, so that it can be run in the proper way. 
 - This software is supported for the Windows. Linux and the OS X operating system which means that most of the devices will hold the same. 
 - Not only that, it is totally light on the device so that there can be no possibility of overloading on the hard disk of the computer. It can be downloaded from the direct download link of each of the separate operating systems.

 Now that you know about the Syncplay software, all you have to do is to download it in your device, and then you will be able to play all your media files in sync with one another. There is also an email id where you can report this particular software bug.

Changes on the new version:
! (mpv) If mpv becomes unresponsive try to guess position for 60 seconds then give a critical error [RC2]
! (mpv) Prevents reset of room position when someone joins with no file
! Prevents file path from being sent to server (fixes bug introduced in Syncplay 1.3.2)
* (UI) Updated German translation, e.g. for new features (contributed by DerGenaue)
* (GUI) Improve performance of file checking feature (moved folder scanning into separate thread and added caching and 2 min auto re-check)

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